Lamb Sauce🥘


🥕2 lamb cutlets :

(Already seasoned with onion powder,ginger,garlic,cumin,coriander,salt,honey & black pepper,but you can use any seasoning of choice)

🥕250 grams carrots

🥕600 ml water for blending the carrots

🥕1 tablespoon cornstarch



🥕Scotch bonnet pepper

🥕3 medium sized cooked potatoes

🥕Ginger & Garlic paste

🥕100 ml coconut milk

🥕Bell peppers

Steps 📝

🥕Place carrots in a blender

🥕Add water



🥕Heat up a pan,add some oil

🥕Over low heat,fry each side of the cutlets for 10 minutes

🥕Add 1 spoon of carrot juice

🥕Cover & simmer for 10 minutes

🥕Combine cornstarch & carrot juice

🥕Transfer into a pan or pot and bring to a boil

🥕Whisk till it starts boiling

🥕Place the cutlets in the pan

🥕Add coconut milk

🥕Add fresh pepper

🥕Add salt


🥕Ginger and garlic paste

🥕Let it simmer for 10 minutes over low heat

🥕Add cooked potatoes and bell peppers

🥕Serve with rice or add more potatoes and serve as porridge 😋😋😋


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